Refereed Publications:

Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2023) Long-Term Health Benefits of Occupational Licensing: Evidence from Midwifery Laws, Journal of Health Economics 

Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2023) The Early Bird Catches the Worm: The Effect of Birth Order on Old-Age Mortality, Population & Development Review 

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Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2022) Childhood exposure to birth registration laws and old-age mortality, Health Economics 

Noghanibehambari, H, Engelman, M (2022) Social Insurance Programs and Later-Life Mortality: Evidence from New Deal Relief Spending, Journal of Health Economics (Slides: Here)

Noghanibehambari, H (2022) School Finance Reform and Juvenile Crime, American Law and Economics Review, (Replication materials: Here)

Noghanibehambari, H (2022) Intergenerational Health Effects of Medicaid, Economics & Human Biology (Replication materials: Here)

Salari, M, Javid, R, Noghanibehambari, H (2021) The nexus between CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, and Economic Growth in the U.S., Economic Analysis and Policy.

Noghanibehambari, H, Salari, M (2020) Health Benefits of Social Insurance, Health Economics.

Works Under Progress

Dynamic Complementarities between Early- and Late-Life Exposures: Evidence from Social Security Notch (with Jason Fletcher)

In-utero Exposure to 9/11 and Test Scores (with Jason Fletcher)

Early-Life or Late-Life? State-of-Birth versus State-of-Death Determinants of Mortality (with Jason Fletcher)

Economic Conditions and Infant Mortality Rate: Geographically Weighted Regressions Using Historical Bank Deposits (with Jason Fletcher and Wei Xu)

Unemployment Insurance Generosity and Children’s Health Outcomes (with Shubhashrita Basu)

The Effects of Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy: Evidence from Law Changes in Oklahoma (with Travis Roach)

Pollution Shocks, Fetal Deaths, and Infant Health Outcomes (with Travis Roach and Kaj Gittings)